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Tall Garden Seedlings  Tall Garden after 6 weeks
  Seedlings                    6 weeks later

Introducing the All New Tall Garden 3 Sq Ft Footprint
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20 vegetables growing vertically - garden standing up

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Hydroponics simply means growing plants without soil. All required food nutrients for the plants are called hydroponic nutrients, which are dissolved in water and fed directly to the roots automatically. Plants form smaller roots and grow in inert grow media. If you haven't seen it for yourself, you will be amazed.The Tall Garden above is an example.

Imagine growing a vegetable garden without having to fight the soil. No more worries about too much water; or too little water; or how much fertilizer; or when to fertilize; or the labors of cultivating and weeding to provide just the right soil consistency and texture; and how much space to give each plant to avoid competing for food and water; etc. With the Tall Garden you can do it standing up.

Hydroponic vegetables are healthy, vigorous and consistently reliable. Gardening is clean and extremely easy, requiring very little effort. You can harvest at the peak of nutrition value, when vine ripened and they taste great.

In soil, vegetables grow a large root system to search for food and water. In hydroponics, food and water are fed directly to the roots. This enables the plants to spend more energy growing the part above the surface, thus growing two times faster. (See for yourself.) With small roots the plants may be grown very close together conserving space. In general, hydroponic gardens require only about 20% of the overall space required of soil gardens for the same vegetable production. Even less for the Tall Garden.

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